Heslerton Windfarm - Do you really want this? Do you want the natural beauty of our Yorkshire Wolds spoilt? It could be the start of many wind farms on the Wolds! You can help to stop it by objecting.

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The High Court stand by Pickles decision - See the NEWS page

The Secretary of State will not allow this wind farm to be built - NEWS

This website has been developed to create awareness of a proposed wind farm for 10 of the biggest turbines to be situated on the Wolds above East Heslerton.

This huge German project led by RWE (Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk AG) using German turbines, has been in the planning stage since at least October 2009. It was kept quiet until August 2010. Most of the neighboring landowners and local residents are against the proposal, mainly because they love the Yorkshire Wolds as they are and do not want this kind of development. Some are objecting because their businesses will be affected.

This site will highlight the enormity of these turbines, how they will destroy the beautiful countryside and the impact they will have on local people and visitors to the area.

Imagine relocating York Minster to the northern edge of the Wolds. Then imagine 10 monstrosities MORE THAN TWICE twice the height of the Minster tower


This website will also bring to light some of the devious methods being used by the development company, who’s job it is to try and push the proposal through the planning process purely so they can cash in on the government subsidies (taxpayer’s money), without which the wind farm would be totally unviable. We will also dispel some of the myths about wind turbines.

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Sign a petition to upgrade the Wolds to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to stop any further ruination of our precious countryside -  click on AONB



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